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‘The Teacher Training Program with Sherry was a truly a life-changing experience for me. I began the program hoping to brush up on the physical aspects of my own yoga practice, but emerged from the program with an amazing resurgence of personal growth on all levels – physical, mental and spirtitual. Sherry’s depth of knowledge and her care and guidance make for a transformative experience I would enthusiastically recommend for all students of yoga, whether they intend to go on to share their knowledge by teaching others or for their own personal journey.’
– Robin Christ



‘The teacher training and immersion with Sherry was completely life changing. Sherry’s openness and compassion create a safe and nurturing environment where a deep and honest exploration of myself could take place, allowing me to finally let go of things from my past that had been haunting me for years. I emerged from the training with a strength, freedom and peace I have never known and never thought was even possible for me. My connection with myself has changed in a way that allows me the ability to trust myself and my instincts. This combined with a deeper spiritual connection and faith, and understanding of my connection to others has transformed my way of thinking and being – it’s like the person I was born to be has finally been set free to be awake and alive within me. You don’t need to be a spritual or yoga expert – just a willingness to take yourself and your practice to the next level – whatever that is for you. Sherry’s immersion and training is the best gift you could ever give to yourself.’
– Kathryn



‘The teacher training course that Sherry designed exquisitely blends profound Eastern philosophy, meditation techniques, anatomy, lessons on instructing beautiful alignment and hints for creating a meaningfully sequenced class with a journey through the chakra system of the body. Each of her students have the opportunity to release limiting beliefs and open to their highest self that they, in turn, may share with students of their own.’
-Lisa Dumas


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